Response to School CCTV Security Breaches

Recent reports have highlighted worrying security issues with several school CCTV systems. In each case the images from the cameras were available to view on the internet.

At Schoolwatch we take the security of our CCTV installations very seriously. The safeguarding of students and staff at school are our highest priority.

In the reported cases we believe the cameras could have been accessed due to several reasons:

  • The cameras were not ‘hidden’ behind the schools existing network security and firewalls.
  • Default/Generic user names and passwords were used, (such as ‘admin’ and ‘password’) making them easy to guess and access the cameras.
  • The system was not properly commissioned before handover, meaning these issues went unresolved.

We wish to assure our customers that all Schoolwatch cameras:

  • Are protected in the first instance behind the school’s own network security and firewalls, with no external connection.
  • Can only be accessed via a bespoke username and strong password, set during installation.
  • Are commissioned so that our customers are clear on how the system security, and access management we have used for each camera works.

If you have any queries or would like Schoolwatch to review your current camera security, please do let us know. We are always happy to help and advise where possible.

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